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"The Group" is an intimate exploration of grief and death within the safe container of fictional relationships. Two grief support groups run concurrently without knowledge of each other: one for the living and one for their dead. Over the course of two hours, secrets are revealed, a year passes, grief evolves, and life (or death) goes on.

This is not a traditional performance, but a 3-hour, extremely participatory, interactive theatre experience that emphasizes relationships and introspection. There are no audience members or actors, only participants and facilitators. Limited to 14 participants, we are asking each person to improvise and co-create this experience for themselves and each other. Improvisation will be structured, specific, and suitable for beginners. A 45-minute character and relationship creation workshop is included in the three-hour run time, as well as a 10-minute debrief.

"The Group" is part of the Reimagine End of Life, a citywide festival and conversation exploring big questions about life and death through art, creativity, and conversation.

**Please note that this experience is not a therapy group, and is inappropriate for processing active grief.**

Co-designed and co-directed by Katie Green & Michael Rau

October 26 tickets:

October 27 tickets:

WHEN: Oct 26 and 27

WHERE: Satori Yoga 110 Sutter St. Ste 100 San Francisco, CA 94101